Three Types of Reports on Google Analytics Essential for PPC Professionals

PPC marketing represents one of the most crucial parts of modern advertising. Digital platforms have taken over much of traditional marketing, so much so that big brands and companies in the market have started focusing solely on digital to power their marketing campaigns.

PPC has been an important technique in this push. Social media and SEO tend to promise longevity, but the results they deliver are not immediate. If you are new in the market and need customers to come in quickly and give your business some much-needed capital, SEO and social media are not the best techniques to deploy. Using an intelligent platform like Google Ads is much more beneficial and delivers instant results.

Guarav Heera, CEO at Delhi Courses Academy says in an interview that, In order to do PPC marketing properly, professionals need to be good at analyzing the make-up of a target audience. Being good at analytics is an essential part of being a PPC marketer. This is not just the case in PPC alone. Even if someone wants to become better at SEO or social media, being good at analyzing user data is essential for finding long-term success in the field.

There is a reason we are seeing a sudden push toward data science in digital marketing. Marketers are slowly realizing the need for campaign actions to be made based upon reliable audience data. Without knowing the audience, running a campaign using a technique like PPC marketing automatically becomes difficult.

Many digital marketing institutes have begun offering entire modules on analytics. In this article, we cover three types of reports on Google Analytics essential for PPC professionals.

Referrals Report

As a PPC marketer, a large part of your job is allocating the right resources in each part of the campaign. Your ads are likely to appear on a variety of different platforms. In a campaign, there are bound to be some platforms that perform much better compared to others in bringing people to your website.

This is where a Referrals report helps.

By going through a referrals report, PPC marketers can analyze platforms are bringing the most people to your platform, and which of these platforms is converting most prospects into customers. Sensible budget allocation is not possible without a referral report.

Conversion Paths

In a PPC campaign, seeing the bottom line is a skill every professional must imbibe. Going through conversion paths on Google Analytics helps in this regard.

Through conversion paths, PPC marketers are able to see how their customers are converted into buying customers. Generally, a company would want to maximize returns from a path which brings more people.

Site Search Report

When do people search for something on a website and not on Google? When they are desperately looking for something. These are the type of people that can quickly be moved down a sales funnel. Site Search Reports help PPC marketers see what people are searching for on their websites. They can use this data to analyze recurring search terms and use them as keywords in the PPC campaign.

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In Conclusion

PPC marketing success is largely dependent on how well a professional is able to understand the target audience. The essence of marketing does not lie in the techniques used to deploy it, but instead on understanding the core audience. In modern times, audience analysis is best done through analytics. In this article, we covered three types of Google Analytics reports someone in the PPC marketing space must view from time to time.

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