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Website speed and security are two of the biggest factors to consider when it comes to web hosting. WebPages that take forever to load tend to frustrate users, which mean they’re more likely to leave your site without buying anything or engaging with your content. Meanwhile, no one wants their information to be out in the open if it could be compromised by hackers. Onlive Server provides fast and secures hosting with SSD that will make your website load faster while keeping all of your information safe from prying eyes. It can also make managing your site easier than ever with automatic updates, email management, and more!


Today, more people rely on their websites than ever before. Of course, managing a website often goes beyond putting up a simple site to showcase products or services. Businesses have to make sure that their sites are properly optimized so they can provide customers with top-notch experiences. It’s easy for small mistakes to cause big issues in terms of security or loading speed. To reduce these risks, you should consider switching from shared hosting solutions to managed virtual private servers. Even if you’re not sure what a VPS is, chances are it will help your business’s bottom line—and keep you one step ahead of your competition. Learn more about why a Thailand VPS Server is right for your business below.

Why should you choose our services?

We offer you a fully managed service, for a fixed price. This includes regular backups, updates and maintenance to keep your VPS online 24/7 with no down time. We also have several options available when it comes to choosing an operating system; you can even install Windows or Linux if you prefer. As well as SSD storage on all our servers, we also ensure all machines are housed in an uninterrupted power supply facility – meaning that even when there’s an outage at your location, your VPS will stay online.

What type of packages do we offer?

One of our most popular hosting packages is called Business; it is an ideal package for small business owners who are still in startup mode. The server comes with 10 GB storage space, monthly data transfers up to 500GB per month and a guaranteed daily backup. All servers include a basic suite which includes a web control panel, cPanel, Plesk (for managing mail accounts), FTP access and 24/7 support.

What kind of control panel do we provide?

Our control panel is easy to use, safe, secure and user friendly. Our control panel can easily be used by any level of users. To ensure that our customers are always up to date with all new products we have available in our store, we send out newsletters every time there’s a new product in our shop. We also offer customer service for all your web hosting needs. Customer support can easily be done through live chat or by email.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Our Thailand VPS Hosting plan offers unlimited bandwidth, which means your website will always have enough room to expand. Unlimited disk space: We also offer unlimited disk space with all our hosting plans, so you can host any type of website without worrying about running out of space. SSD Storage: All websites hosted on our servers run on Solid State Drives (SSD), which are far faster than traditional hard drives. This means you can load web pages quickly, especially if your site has a lot of images or videos. Daily Backups: Each server is backed up daily using advanced snapshots to ensure that your data is protected against data loss or theft.


  • Ready on demand server;
  • SSD drives;
  • RAM upgradeable, 1G-2Tb available;
  • Protected by DDoS-Protection;
  • Special technology for Web-servers hosted (combined with Caching, CDN & SSL);
  • Full range of Control Panels (Cpanel / DirectAdmin);
  • Daily backups, replications and maintenance included.

What is an SSD Web Hosting?

Solid State Drives (SSD) are on average 100 xs faster than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD), which is why they are becoming increasingly popular for hosting your website. As well as speeding up page load times, SSD web servers also have lower failure rates, meaning that your site will be more secure and reliable. However, there are other benefits too – perhaps most important is that they don’t contain any moving parts, so you’ll never lose a single byte of data.

Choosing the Right Server Location for You

When choosing a hosting provider for your website, it’s important to consider what types of services you need, as well as where your visitors are located. If you plan on selling products or services that appeal more to a global audience (for example, if you’re selling furniture), it’s worth checking out providers based out of developing countries like Malaysia and India that offer competitive prices while also providing access to local talent.

Finding the Best Hosting Provider

If you want your website or online business to have a higher speed and be more secure, it is important that you find a high-quality web hosting provider. This tutorial will help you decide what features are most important when picking a web host, as well as highlight some of their best services.


VPS Hosting has a number of features that can help improve your website’s performance. The faster your site loads the more traffic you’ll receive, which translates to higher page views and greater visibility on search engines like Google. When you’re choosing an online hosting service provider, take a look at all these factors—not just price—so you can ensure you get good value for your money.

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