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One of the most widely used collections of cloud-based business tools globally is Google Workspace (formerly known as G-Suite and, before that, Google Apps). The world of Google Workspace for education. It meets all business requirements, from productivity to file storage and communication (Gmail, Hangouts, and Google Calendar) and document storage (Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites). This extensive selection of options does not indicate that Google Workspace extensions are a fully developed product. To make the most of Google’s robust tools, a sizable user base is committed to developing various extensions and add-ons.

We’ll go over the best plugins, add-ons, and extensions for various

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 Gmail’s Shared Contacts

Simplicity: You can share Google contact lists with just one click like you can share Google Drive folders or calendars.

  1. Flexibility: Your shared contacts will be linked with your mobile device or Microsoft Outlook once they have been synchronized with SCFG.
  2. Various access levels Similar to Google Drive, certain users might only be permitted to access or change the contact list.
  3. Support for sharing contacts across domains: In addition to users of your G Suite domain, you may also share communications with users of other parts or @gmail.com users.
  4. Advanced administrative features: Administrators can examine logs of who has shared, deleted, or removed contacts and restore lost contacts at any time.


Imagine a scenario that is likely familiar to you: you wrote an email and received absolutely no response. You then sent a single follow-up. And yet another

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Language Instrument

Thankfully, you can accomplish it thanks to a tool! A clever proofreading add-on that covers more than 25 languages is called Language Tool.

The list also includes lesser-known tongues like Polish, Slovak, Danish, Tagalog, and even Esperanto, in addition to German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and English (along with regional variants).

Why do apps script? What is Google Apps Script?

A framework for rapid application development called Google Apps Script makes it quick and straightforward to build enterprise applications that interface with Google Workspace. It serves as the basis for most Google Workspace add-ons available today. Creating a custom business solution with Apps Script, instead of traditional software development using raw APIs, drastically reduces development time and cost.

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