What Does VIS-Check Do For Your Truck Fleet?

If you run a commercial trucking fleet through the Toledo, OH area, you have probably heard of VIS-Check. What is it, and how will it improve your bottom line? Toledo Spring Parts & Service offers up some quick answers.

Fast and Accurate Brake and Suspension Inspection

It takes time to use traditional methods to thoroughly inspect the undercarriage of your big rig or 53-foot trailer. A VIS-Check system replaces the slow method of having a human roll around under your truck with a suite of sensors that take less than 10 minutes to create a comprehensive report on the safety and performance of your rig. The VIS-Check looks for problems with your brakes and suspension. At the end, you are provided with a clear printout of the results.

Simulating Road Conditions for an Effective Check

The VIS-Check garage bay features a machine that puts your truck through a comprehensive road simulation. It will test the brakes at speed, detect failing springs by creating a bumpy road, and the technician inspects the tires for wear. It is like having a computer hooked up to your truck while on the road.

Testing the Most Vulnerable Parts of Your Trucks and Trailers

The most common parts known to fail on heavy-duty vehicles are brakes and tires. The VIS-Check helps you avoid on-road failures that cause shipping delays and even traffic snarls. Scheduling a routine check also helps you to earn CSA points to maintain your fleet’s reputation with the Department of Transportation. That makes trips through the weigh station fast and easy.

Prompt Truck Brake and Suspension Repairs On Site

If you schedule a VIS-Check at a reputable truck repair shop like Toledo Spring Parts & Service and an issue is noticed during the inspection, you have the option to have it fixed immediately. There is no need to take the truck out of service for an additional day while you send it across town for repairs.

Improving Your Profits, Fuel Efficiency, and Truck Repair Costs

Trucking companies that use VIS-Check see an immediate improvement in their bottom line. Properly inflated tires and brakes that don’t drag allow the truck to roll at peak fuel efficiency. That can translate into thousands on a cross-country haul. Your repair costs are lower since your rig is less likely to experience a catastrophic failure while on the road. You are better able to meet delivery deadlines which prevent loss of income due to fines and fees.

Schedule Your VIS-Check with Toledo Spring Today

If you want to improve your safety scores, increase profits, and protect your drivers, give Toledo Spring Parts & Service a call today. We can schedule your entire fleet for a VIS-check at a time that is convenient for you and your clients.

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