Blockchain-Based Web Hosting – How Does it Work?

A blockchain is a decentralized database or registers that are shared across computer network nodes. This new peer-to-peer hosting, also known as decentralized hosting, provides website owners with peer-to-peer management of the service.

Blockchain hosting offers greater security, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals and bots to access important information. Web hosting providers in Delhi are binding up this technology to grab the future web hosting market. Surely it has high promises for future internet and its expansion with the highest level of security possible.

How Does It Differ From Traditional Web Hosting?

Client-server network architecture is used in traditional databases. A user can alter data that is kept on a centralized server. The database is still under the control of a specified authority, which authenticates a client’s credentials before granting access to the database.

Public verifiability, provided by integrity and transparency, is a critical attribute of blockchain technology that distinguishes it from traditional database technology.

Decentralized Hosting- A More Detailed View

With a centralized network, all network data is routed through a single server.

As a result, the information is held by a single entity in this case. The hazards associated with centralized control are eliminated by decentralized control. Anybody with adequate access to a centralized database has the ability to destroy or corrupt the data contained inside it.

Blockchain technology avoids this problem by utilizing decentralized data storage, so including security into its core design.

Advantages of Decentralized Hosting With Block-Chain Methodology

  • Blockchain is built on decentralized peer-to-peer networking, in which all participating nodes give their resources equitably, removing bottlenecks in one-to-many traffic flows.
  • Cryptography is used to protect the transactions, and the transaction history is stored in blocks of data that are then cryptographically connected and encrypted. Blockchains have made use of a variety of cryptographic methods, including hashing and digital signatures.
  • Unlike the current Internet, blockchain allows users to send value/information without the need for a third party.
  • Blockchains use distributed consensus processes and transparent tamper-evident record-keeping to reinvent how digital trust mechanism’s function.
  • The above suggests that even if a hacker had access to a specific piece of information, they would be unable to make sense of it since the data itself would be encrypted. Furthermore, the hacker would only have a little piece of the jigsaw, making it hard for them to decipher what the data represents.

So the future web hosting provider in Delhi would provide more safe and much tight security to online businesses.

Smart Contracts in Blockchain-Based Web Hosting

Smart Contracts play an important part in making transactions safer and secure, as well as allowing them to run in an ordered manner. Smart contracts are computer programmes or protocols that automate transactions that are kept on a blockchain and executed in response to specific criteria being met.

Benefits of smart contracts

  • Speed, efficiency, and precision- When a condition is satisfied, the contract is instantly executed. Due to the fact that smart contracts are digital and automated.
  • Transparency and trust- Since there is no third party involved and encrypted transaction logs are transmitted among participants.
  • Security- Blockchain transaction records are encrypted, making them extremely difficult to hack.
  • Savings Smart contracts eliminate the need for middlemen to conduct transactions, as well as the time delays and expenses that come with them.


Utilizing blockchain will allow you genuine redundancy and decentralization, cost savings, and complete anonymity. It is just a matter of time that the blockchain storage marketplace will outperforms the present infrastructure. As we move towards a truly decentralized network, there is plenty to be excited about for web hosting providers in Delhi to offer services to the clients.

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